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香港亞洲實驗錄像節呈獻國際錄像藝術節目“概覽” 。 由2015年5月5日 至10日在香港城市大學邵逸夫創意媒體中心三樓畫廊放映,節目有來自8個國家的8位策展人,策劃具代表性的主題錄像藝術節目,放映共47位藝術家的作品。作品均能反映當地的文化特色,和藝術家在專業上的追求。

這個國際巡迴錄像藝術節目“概覽”,由荷蘭藝術家Joyce Pennekamp和 Sarah Bijlsma牽頭,邀請每個國家的策展人精選30分鐘的錄像藝術節目,參與地區包括荷蘭、美國、埃及、馬里、哥斯達黎加、澳洲、巴西和香港,組成全長約四小時的節目。

“概覽”已經遊走過荷蘭,美國和埃及 ,現在巡迴到香港。香港的觀眾不用親身到當地也可以在銀幕前感受8個地區的地方的風貌和獨特文化,例如例如埃及女性和馬里年青人的生活掙扎、歐美澳的影像震撼,還可以透過觀影加深對錄像藝術的理解 ,作品普遍少以故事手法組成,多探討影像的獨特元素,如顏色和構圖的建構。



日期:2015年5月5日 (星期二) 至2015年5月10日(星期日)
地點:香港九龍塘達康路18號 香港城市大學邵逸夫創意媒體中心三樓CMC畫廊
藝術家分享: 2015年5月7日(星期四)下午7時 至 下午7時45分
8個國家及城市/ 8位策展人/ 47位藝術家/ 8個展覽/ 240分鐘的錄像

Asian Experimental Video Festival in Hong Kong warmly presents
International film project “Over View” in Hong Kong from 5th to 10th May 2015.

Over View is an international travelling film project for which 8 curators from 8 different countries were invited to select films of outstanding artists from their home countries. Each curator was asked to programme 30 minutes of contemporary short videos of any genre. These countries and city are Hong Kong, Netherlands, USA, Egypt, Mali, Costa Rica, Australia and Brazil.

What’s on

Subjects or content of these videos are related to the “what’s on” in such a way the viewer could gain an insight into the artistic level as well as the contemporary topics in the participating countries. The result is a collection of carefully chosen audiovisual “portraits”: an overview on global visions.

A world tour without travelling

The curators were also asked to select a venue in their country to screen Over View. In this way all participating curators, artists and audience will be able to see this collection of global visions without actually travelling themselves. Over View has been tour to Cairo, San Francisco, now comes to Hong Kong. It is a good chance for Hong Kong audience to see video arts from 8 countries, especially Mali and ­Costa Rica, which we seldom have chance to see video arts from these 2 countries.

The 240 minutes videos will be shown in an exhibition setting which audience can join any time they want. The whole program will be shown 2 times a day in Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. 11am is the first time. 3pm is the second time.

Exhibition details:

Date: 5th -10th May 2015
Time: 11am-7pm
Venue: L3 CMC Gallery, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre,
City University of Hong Kong,
18 Tat Hong Avenue,
Kowloon Tong
Free Admission
Artists sharing: 7 May 2015 (Thursday) 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Exhibition web site: http://www.hkexperimental.wordpress.com
Program web site: www.over-view.org

8 countries & cities / 8 curators / 47 artists / 8 exhibitions / 240 minutes of film


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